Passion:  I love what I do. I have always had the desire to gather information about music and share that knowledge with others. My focus is to find the best way to communicate and inspire every student I work with. Connecting and getting excited about music has a positive impact on other areas of life. 

Motivation:  I want my students to ENJOY what they play-- you are likely to practice twice as long if you enjoy your songs. Not everything you learn will be your "favorite!" but when nessesary I do let my students' goals and inspirations drive song choices.

Exellence:  Note reading. Ear training. A well-rounded and thinking-musician is my goal. I mix technique, theory, playing by ear, composing, and note-reading all together to bring total comprehension of music to the mind and body.


Piano Lessons

Private Lessons offered for Beginner / Intermediate / Early Advanced Levels


- Note Reading


- Proper Technique


- Playing by Ear


- Creative Accompaniment (chords and theory)


- Classical, Jazz, and Pop Genres




Music Direction + Accompaniment 


Shelley is available to accompany productions, rehearsals, voice lessons, or special events. She also provides music direction, coaching, and private consulting / collaboration. 



- for productions, rehearsals, voice lessons, weddings, and special events

- for Singers and Instrumentalists 

- for Musical Theatre


Director / Arranger / Composer / Conductor / Coach / Collaborator:

- works privately with singers in preparation for vocal competitions, auditions, and performances

- works with instrumentalists to create cohesive arrangements for productions

- has exensive experience arranging and transposing music 



Rate is dependant upon size and time constraint of the project.

Contact Shelley abour your needs and to inquire regarding availability.